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Kito Peters: Home

Kito Peters makes pop/folk/jazz/rock music that feels good while exploring broad questions. In a sense his work can be described as Sixties songs for a new millenium. All of Kito's albums find hope and heartache in the uproar outside Eden.

Kito's latest CD, "Don't Know Much" (with Jono Manson) was released in February, 2017.  Kito has won eight New Mexico Music Awards in categories as diverse as pop, jazz, world beat, and humorous/novelty. Ten of his CDs have been NMMA finalists for "Best CD of the Year."

"Capital Dreams" won the 2013 NMMA award for "Best CD."  "Tarnished Chrome," from the CD "Pyramid," won the 2012 NMMA award for "Best Song." In 2015 Kito and his collaborator, John Kurzweg, won for "Best Producers" for "Design Flaw."

Check out some of the tracks on the flash player above and in the video below.