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Kito Peters: News

Pandora Accepts "Choice" - July 27, 2016

Just received word that Pandora has accepted my latest CD, "Choice." It will take a little time before the tracks are up and running, they said.

My new CD, "Choice," just released - June 29, 2016

My new CD, "Choice," has just been released. It will be available any day now on CD Baby and can be heard for free at

New CDs Updates - May 13, 2016

The recent CD "I Fell" - Kito Peters with John Kurzweg - was released in February, 2016. All tracks currently can be heard on Bandcamp at"I Fell" is a finalist for four New Mexico Music Awards: Best CD of the Year, Best Song ("Long Plateau"), Best Producer (John Kurzweg), and Best Mastering Engineer (Dominick Maita for "After").

Meanwhile Kito's subsequent and newest CD, called "Choice," co-produced with Jono Manson, will be released in late June or early July, 2016.

Named Best Producers At 2015 NMMA - May 31, 2015

John Kurzweg and I received the Norman Petty Producer Award for our CD "Design Flaw" last night at the 2015 New Mexico Music Awards banquet!

Link to recent radio show on KUNM - January 21, 2015

Here's the link to the radio show John Kurzweg and I did with KUNM's Matthew Finch on 1/17/15.  Live songs, tracks from our CD "Design Flaw," and discussion.  Was way fun.

2014 New Mexico Music Awards Finalists - April 14, 2014

I'm grateful that we were chosen 2014 New Mexico Music Awards finalists in seven categories.  Of course I DID submit TWO new CDs this year. 

Here are our finalists: David Cragin for Best Recording Engineer (for Black Birds from the CD Black Birds - Cragin won this award last year), Kevin Zoernig for Best Arrangement (Dachau 6Km from Black Birds), X-Ray from Witness for Best Punk Song, Nice from Witness for Best Humorous/Novelty Song, Simon Snaize, Kevin Zoernig, and I for Best Producers for Witness, Black Birds for Best Pop CD, and Witness for Best CD Of The Year ( an award we won last year for Capital Dreams).

"Witness" Now Available Here For Purchase - February 11, 2014

Please proceed to the "Buy" page.

"Witness" Songs Up On The "Music" Page - February 10, 2014

Full length mp3s of the songs from my latest CD "Witness" are now available on the "Music" page.

"Witness" Now Available Through CD Baby - January 27, 2014

My new CD, "Witness," is now available through CD Baby:  Soon I'll make it available through this website as well.

My New CD "Witness" Released - January 6, 2014

My new CD "Witness" was just released!

5 New Music Videos - September 14, 2013

I just created my first music videos:

"Bastille" from the upcoming CD "Witness":

"Gettysburg" from the CD "Black Birds:"

"Humble" from the CD "Black Birds:"

"Comrades" from the upcoming CD "Witness:"

"Capital Dreams" from the CD "Capital Dreams:"

"Capital Dreams" Named Best CD - May 20, 2013

"Capital Dreams" was named "Best CD Of The Year" last night at the 2013 New Mexico Music Awards banquet!  And David Cragin, my longtime collaborator, was named "Best Recording Engineer!"

2013 New Mexico Music Awards - April 8, 2013

"Capital Dreams" was named 2013 New Mexico Music Awards finalist in 6 categories: Best CD of the Year, Best Pop CD, Best Producers (Simon Snaize and me), Best Recording Engineer (David Cragin - "Can I Tell You"), Best Adult Contemporary Song ("Can I Tell You"), and Best Singer/Songwriter Song ("Capital Dreams") - I'm feeling excited and grateful...and curious to see what happens at the banquet on May 19!

"Black Birds" Available For Purchase Through CD Baby - March 24, 2013

While I haven't yet put up a way to purchase "Black Birds" through this website, the CD is available through CD Baby at

Black Birds Out! - March 14, 2013

My new CD, "Black Birds," is out and about as of March 11, 2013. Exciting! I have yet to get the songs up on this website, but will do so soon.

"Black Birds" out March 11, 2013! - March 3, 2013

The boxes will arrive in a week of my new CD, "Black Birds!"

Finished mixing "Black Birds" today - January 1, 2013

yay! - now off to mastering.....

Here's a "pre-mix" from the upcoming cd! - August 21, 2012

"takes a lot to love" is a big, juicy ballad that will be the last song on the new cd (tentatively entitled "black birds")

Youtube videos! - July 20, 2012

I just discovered Youtube videos of our performances of the semi-funky "Little Banksters" and the jazzy "Hurricane" at the 2012 New Mexico Music Awards banquet.  Joining me: David Cragin on guitar, Kevin Zoernig on keys, Cesar Bauvallet on trombone, and John Kurzweg on drums.


Little Banksters:"

New Mexico Music Awards - May 21, 2012

It was great to play last night at the New Mexico Music Awards banquet with David Cragin, Kevin Zoernig, John Kurzweg, and Cesar Bauvallet - and nice to win for "Best Song ("Tarnished Chrome").

Playing AT The New mexico Music Awards Banquet - April 26, 2012

i'm honored to have been asked to play two songs at the new mexico music awards banquet on sunday, may 20th - should be fun!

New Mexico Music Awards Finalists - April 9, 2012

always gratifying to garner new mexico music awards finalists - this year we have five for our cd "pyramid" (best pop cd, best song, best jazz song, best world beat song, and best engineer - david cragin!) - thanks to our stellar gang: simon snaize, david cragin, kevin zoernig, michael grimes, ben wright, and cesar bauvallet

Review of "Capital Dreams" - February 16, 2012

I just posted a review of "Capital Dreams" on the site (under "Reviews").

"Capital Dreams" Is Out - February 2, 2012

The new CD, "Capital Dreams," is out.  For now five cuts are available for listening at

Two Radio Podcasts - August 8, 2011

"Pyramid" was featured recently on two radio shows:

podcast now up from friday, july 29th
when i appeared on diego mulligan's journey home radio show on ksfr
chat, live songs, songs from the new cd "pyramid"

another podcast from a show aired saturday august 7
on kunm's ear to the ground program - my part is the second half

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