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Kito Peters: Photos

High Road cover
Kito Peters
2008 Anne Hayunga photo #2
2008 Anne Hayunga photo #3
Kito at Body 11/15/07
Michael Grimes at Body 11/15/07
Steve Hill at Body 11/15/07
Kito at Body 11/15/07 #2
Steve, Kito, and Michael at Body 11/15/07
David Cragin, engineer extraordinaire
Stories Guys.  Standing: Kevin Zoernig, Ben Wright, Paul Groetzinger, Michael Grimes, Kito Peters. Seated: David Cragin, Simon Snaize
"Stories" guys 2
My friend David Crocker insisted that we get a photo taken with Noam Chomsky when we had the chance.  Clearly I felt a little uneasy at the thought of imposing.